There are two ways to pick coffee: “stripping” and “picking”. Stripping is cheaper but also less careful as all the drupes are pulled from the branch, regardless of whether they are ripe or not. The finest coffees are picked, which consists in selecting off the tree only the ripe, healthy berries. These then have their flesh removed, are left to ferment for a couple of days and then washed with water. This gives extremely highly selected beans. Those beans that still have a film of protection are left to dry in the sun and bagged until they are hulled, the stages that precedes roasting. At this point, they are sorted by size and shape and critically assessed by the best tasters and then put into large hessian sacks, stamped with the exact characteristics of the beans they hold.


Our coffee, still green, is transported by ship. To maintain the quality intact, all necessary measures are taken to prevent mould, condensation and unwanted odours. After having travelled in the best conditions possible, the green coffee beans arrive at their destination.


Once the beans are out of the sacks, initial selection takes place on a vibrating screen, a huge sieve that separates out any large objects that may still be mixed in with the beans. Then an extractor removes any smaller lighter articles and, finally, a magnetic separator takes out any pieces of metal. The final selection is entrusted to four bichromatic machines that “photograph” every single bean, recognising and eliminating any unripe or fermented ones. Just one imperfect specimen out of the 50 needed to make a cupful would ruin the coffee. This is why we have invested in a new technological plant that increases annual production capacity by more than 50%. In this way, we achieve constant, total quality control at all stages of production.


Our kinds of coffee are individually air roasted, which means the bean does not come into direct contact with the flame and enjoys harmonious, even roasting. This stage takes place before blending because our perfected, diversified roasting recipes guarantee the best organoleptic qualities for each variant. While the successive stage of air cooling enhances the precious fragrance of each bean.